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Bring Your Own Device

Stage 3 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – 2018

Technology is an integral part of the world in which students live.  As 21st Century learners our students will need to develop their skills in the use of digital devices, which are playing an increasingly large part in student learning. The use of personal devices within school also offers a chance for students to extend learning opportunities to times and places outside of the classroom.

Our aim is to provide students with challenging, collaborative, everyday learning experiences that meet the needs of students' academically and prepare them for the mounting expectations for employment and learning beyond school.

In 2016 two Stage 3 classes trialled the use of laptops to engage in 21st Century learning. The P & C donated $20 000, in addition to $10 000 of school funds, to purchase two class sets of laptops. The trial was very successful and the BYOD initiative was extended to all Stage 3 classes in 2017. In 2018 we will again be running the BYOD program and beginning to introduce this to further stages as the year progresses.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) refers to students bringing a personal technology device that students bring to school to use for educational purposes under the direction of a teacher. For the purposes of BYOD, ‘device' means a privately owned wireless device such as a laptop.

The school will provide the ability to connect compatible devices to a filtered DoE internet service which will provide safe, secure internet access for students. Students will be using their device primarily to access the internet, complete set work using Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365 as well as using other web-based applications. We have provided a device specification and all devices brought to school must meet these standards.

Please email any questions/concerns to Rachel Andrew (

For parents wanting to compare device requirements at Kincumber High School, access their webpage here

Please click on the links below to access a Copy of the required specifications and student agreement, along with the school policy, for the 2018 BYOD program.

KPS BYOD Policy (PDF 108KB)

Student Agreement & Specs (PDF 206KB)