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Excellence, opportunity and success in a caring learning community

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At Kincumber Public School we believe we can inspire every child to participate positively in society.

We focus on promoting excellence, opportunity and success for every student, every day. We value and strive to develop safe, respectful learners.

KPS School Leaders

A big congratulations to our 2024 School Leaders. We look forward to seeing what fantastic work you do around our school led by our new School Captains, Julian and Amber.

From left to right:  Hazel Bower, Alex Nevin, Liliana Mark, Miyako Davis, Mia Ford, Zane Peckham, Julian Romero-Madigan, Amber Griffiths.

Class of 2023 Farewell

We recently celebrated the conclusion of seven years of primary school for our Year 6 students. As part of the Graduation Assembly each student was presented with a graduation certificate and photographic folder of the year group. In the evening, our students dressed up for the farewell dinner and dance. 

KPS staff would like to wish our graduating students all the best as they move into their next phase. Remember that it is not goodbye, just farewell and we hope to see many of you over the coming years.


Sentral Parent Portal

Kincumber Public School uses the Sentral Parent Portal for a variety of communication purposes.

We broadcast messages to the whole school, stages, individual classes and students.  This might include reminders for upcoming events, excursions and may also include notes.

You can download the Sentral Parent Portal to your smart phone and receive notifications to help you stay up-to-date with what's happening in school.

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