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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Bullying Prevention 2018

This year, students at KPS will participate in a series of lessons focused on Bullying Prevention.  Our first lesson was launched on Friday 16 March. This lesson was called "expect respect". Scroll down to view each of our movie lessons. Our school bully prevention approach focuses on the NSW Department of Education definition of bullying:

Defining bullying

Bullying has three main features – it:

  • involves a misuse of power in a relationship
  • is ongoing and repeated, and
  • involves behaviours that can cause harm.

Bullying can happen in person or online, and it can be obvious (overt) or hidden (covert).

Bullying can have a lasting impact on everyone involved, including those who witness it. That is why it is important to work together to create safe school communities for everyone.


Lesson 1: Expect respect:

This lesson focuses on defining bullying (see above) and on teaching students what's okay and not okay at school (and when to report). As we continue to teach students how to be respectful to others and how to "expect respect", we also encourage students to let an adult know if they have a problem they need help with at school. We are teaching our students about how to be an "upstander" rather than a bystander. If you would like to view this lesson, please click on the link: view movie


Lesson 2: Be tolerant

This lesson focuses on teaching students that not everyone will be the same, think the same or act the same as others...and that's okay. Being tolerant is a way of getting along with others that may be a little different to you. This lesson teaches students what to tolerate and what NOT to tolerate (and what to do about it). view movie


Lesson 3: Be polite

This lesson focus on teaching students how to talk politely to others in a way that is respectful and helps minimise or solve problems (rather than add to problems). Students learn that words can harm and it is important to be careful and respectful with our words.view movie


Lesson 4: Be friendly - include others

We have been teaching our students about being friend-ly (you can't be a friend to everyone but you can be friend-ly to others). This week's lesson follows on from this with ways to include others in play, or say 'not today' in a polite way. Students are encouraged to tell a teacher if they see others having a hard time joining in play, or if they know someone is being aggressively excluded by others. Here's the link to the video: view movie


Lesson 5: Be an upstander, even to friends

This week's lesson focuses on how we need to stand up and say something, even if it is a friend who is being rude, mean, unkind or hurtful to others. Here's the link to the video: view lesson


Scroll down for our other PBL universal expectation videos


Well done to our Gold Key Kids for 2017: we're delighted to showcase them in our 2017 video. Click here to view the video. Please note, a password is required. Use the following password: kpswatch


2014 was an exciting time at KPS as we introduced PBL: Positive Behaviour for Learning.

PBL is a problem-solving framework designed to improve social, behaviour and academic outcomes in schools.

goldie says

PBL online lessons: 

Each PBL lesson runs for about 4-5 minutes. They are narrated to make it easy to access for all K-6 students and are designed for parents and children to watch together. 

Click on the links to view the movie for each lesson:

PBL in the hard surface areas  (password is  kpswatch)
PBL in the grassed play areas  (password is  kpswatch)
PBL at assembly 
PBL in the Office  (password is  kpswatch)
PBL when moving about the school  (password is  kpswatch)
PBL in the library

KPS students are SAFE

  • following directions. Click here (password is kpswatch)

  • hands and feet to self. Click here (password is kpswatch)

  • Using equipment responsiblyclick here (password is kpswatch)
  • being sunsafe. click here (password is kpswatch)

KPS students are RESPECTFUL

polite talk.  click here  (password is  kpswatch )
take care of property.  click here  (password is  kpswatch)
Play fairlyclick here  (password is  kpswatch)
Be resilient:  click here  (password is kpswatch)

KPS students are LEARNERS

Be organised.  click here  (password is  kpswatch )
active listening:  click here  (password is  kpswatch)
be persistent:  click here   (password is  kpswatch)
Have you heard of STOP? click here  to find out more. (powerpoint presentation)
What is a safety split? click here  to find out more (powerpoint presentation)
Need a PBL refresher? see the presentation here (ppt 3560 KB)

PBL - our journey so far ! Click here to watch the video!

Have you seen our GOLD KEY video for 2014? click here


Please email Karen Wardlaw ( if you would like to find out more information about each of these lessons. 

PBL: have your say!


Please take the time to participate in a short survey about our KPS PBL launch (and find out more about PBL).

Follow the link to complete the 7 short questions. Thanks for your interest, participation and commitment to partnering with us in making our great school even better!

PBL Video!

During Education Week, KPS launched PBL across the school. If you missed it and would like to find out more about PBL, feel free to watch our short launch video. The required password is "kpswatch"




Meet Goldie

Have you met Goldie yet? Goldie is our new PBL mascot, designed to remind students about striving for gold key behaviour. The key to success at KPS is to be a safe, respectful learner! Soon you'll see Goldie up around the school reminding you to be safe, be respectful and be a learner.The signs will also explain exactly how you can do this!


PBL Launch

July 28, 2014

On Monday 28 July at 1:30pm PBL will be launched at a special school wide assembly to be run by our school leaders. Our school wide expectations to be‘safe, respectful learners' will be introduced, along with a video that explains what PBL means to individual students. PBL is a school wide system of support for defining and teaching positive student behaviours and our own PBL journey will begin this Monday. We would like to take this opportunity to invite all parents and carers to this assembly to be a part of this significant occasion.


March 2014

Kincumber Public School commits to using the Positive Behaviour For Learning framework to make a great school even better. A school team has undertaken training to implement PBL. What is PBL? (doc 1870 KB)

If you would like to help us review our current practices and provide feedback about what needs improving, please download the file, complete and email to school or drop in to the office. PBL Questionnaire (pdf 183 KB)


We want to hear from you!

Please complete the 5 minute survey on our purpose and values at Kincumber Public School. Click on the link below: