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Mid Term 1/2017

3M Parent Information 2018 (docx 150 KB)

Our class has been learning about . . .


We have six students in our class, ranging from Year 3 to Year 5. The student's daily routine includes opportunity to talk and discuss news that is important to them. We encourage polite talk and asking questions in an appropriate manner. Each morning a different student is rostered for news, with ‘special' news on another day on request by the student.

After the morning news and class roll is marked, we make sure that notes that need to be returned are followed up. This term notes have been for the annual school Swimming Carnival, permission in regards to publishing student work, Scripture, Riding for the Disabled. Information about special events is also distributed for families to consider. We encourage the students to talk with their parents when they go home and show them the notes for the day.

Some of the things we have been learning cover are subject specific, such as learning about Synonyms and Antonyms, or specific math topics such as shapes and measurement, while other topics cover different skill areas across a range of Key Learning Areas, and include:

  • The stranding of the Blue Blubber Jellyfish on a Queensland Beach and the related ecosystem for birds and turtles who eat the ones that don't get washed back into the water
  • The spinifex habitat and sounds of the rare Night Parrot

You can listen to the call on this link:

               Night Parrot

  • Pitcher Plants, and how insects get trapped because the leaf is waxy and slippery and can't get back out
  • Justin's Pocket Piano designed to fit in a hoodie pocket
  • The older Bonobos and their poor eyesight
  • Staying safe in a storm and the reason for the Wet Weather Bell at KPS, and about ice particles in the thunderstorm clouds colliding
  • Top Tops to Save Energy, with students reflecting on how we can save energy at KPS by truing off the lights and the fan when we go out to Lunch and Recess
  • Writing and typing up information about a topic of interest in Computer Lab, then reading the story or information to the class. Topics of interest by the class have included: the Peninsular Leisure Centre Swimming Pool, Making a Lego Truck, T-Rex, and a weather topic
  • Discussing how to writing about something that has happened to us, or a visit to something special that we can write about eg an example was the teacher visit to see the New Bongo Baby at the Western Plains Zoo. We are progressing in writing paragraphs.

Our Spelling word for the day is chosen by the students from the work of that day and relates to a topic we have been discussing and that is of high interest to them.


Miss Laws, class teacher