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Mathematics Term 1 2018

Term 1 2018 


Whole Number MA3-4NA

orders, reads and represents integers of any size and describes properties of whole


Addition & Subtraction MA3-5NA

selects and applies appropriate strategies for addition and subtraction with counting

numbers of any size

Data  MA3-18SP

uses appropriate methods to collect data and constructs, interprets and evaluates data

displays, including dot plots, line graphs and two-way tables

Multiplication & Division 


selects and applies appropriate strategies for multiplication and division, and applies the

order of operations to calculations involving more than one operation

Time MA3-13MG

uses 24-hour time and am and pm notation in real-life situations, and constructs timelines


Position  MA3-17MG

locates and describes position on maps using a grid-reference system

Length  MA3-9MG

selects and uses the appropriate unit and device to measure lengths and distances, calculates perimeters, and converts between units of length