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Mappen Term 1 2018

MAPPEN Overview: Ethics And Emotions

MAPPEN Years 5 & 6 Identity Unit: Ethics And Emotions 


Students will consider ethical dilemmas as they learn about the value of honesty, respect, and loyalty. They will consider the influence that the media and others have on them, and the impact that being a fan of someone or something has on our identity. Students will write a story that includes a moral lesson and share aspects of their identity during the 'Identity Expo'.

Concept Phrase

Impact of Identity


Understanding who I am and what I value prepares me for physical and emotional changes that I will experience.

Investigation Into

  • How the media and our peers can influence and pressure us.
  • How to cope with pressure
  • Puberty and challenges associated with puberty

Essential Questions

  • What does it mean to be honest?
  • How am I influenced by others?
  • What can you say when you don't want to do something that someone is pressuring you to do?

Future Action

Students will have a greater capacity to maintain their equilibrium throughout puberty. They will have a range of coping strategies as they move into secondary education. Students will have a repertoire of strategies that support the maintenance of their sense of self-worth and well-being.